The Elelmental Threat

Before Running the Revenge

the entire heroic story was a series of unconnected adventures for a time, with Orcs being prominent enemies. Then the Pcs learned of a threat to their region- Ohr. The new Orc king sought to control the entire Moonsea region, and had the Army to accomplish it. With the assistance of the Melvauntian Council the PC’s infiltrated the Citadel (of old dwarven make with rough-hewn ceilings- the Orcs raised them) and destroyed him.

Then, a powerful eladrin wizard, Tarvas entered the Throne room via portal, and reanimated the Orc King and his guards. he then, after cursing the PC’s as plan-ruiners, attacked them with his powerful magic and his ocr zombies. During the course of the battle he collapsed the throne room.

The PC’s quickly escaped through a portal, and found themselves in the cave complex of a Cult of the Far Realm, namely Viramshabar. After losing one of their number to the Orc King, and a second to the lava in the 1st chamber os the cult, the group resources were somwhat depleted. They then freed a Gold Dragon Crothar from the bindings of the Cult, and he pledged them his hoard if they would destroy the rest of its members. They did so, even interrupting Vladimars final ritual and keeping Viranshabar from entering the world. They to escape the underground cultist lair and traveled back to Melvaunt. There, they were summoned to the Sewer lair of the local thieves guild, run by Tazmileka, Tazmileka a powerful shade. They had encountered some of her envoys while in the cultists lair, and broken their deal. (by destroying the Cult) She demanded compensation, and fighting broke out. She fled, and was pursued. The City Guardsmen whom were in the employ of Tazmileka arrested the PC’s, who lost must of their standing in the City. But some of Tazmilekas assasins came after the Pc;s during the audience, and killed most of the council, and the corrupt guards. She wanted no loose ends, and saw a perfect time to make a power play. The PC’s thwarted this and chased her out of the city. They met a Lich named Piccard high in the mountains, and promised him a powerful magic item in exchange for destroying his wight guardian s and to pass through the portal. They did pass through, and on the other side found tazmilekas master, a Shade swordmage, an Umbriri. (FRPG) They did battle, as the PCs attacked Tazmileka, and they did win, barley defeating the mighty Shades. Then, as they attempted to return to their home via portal, the spell went awry. They came to a glade where several elementals attempted to kill Rwothwar. Obanar


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