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This Campaign, set in the Forgotten Realms follows the Adventures of

Slagathor, Human Wizard; Viashano, Dragonborn Fighter/Barabarian; Nicholas Lionheart, Half-Elf Paladin/Avenger of Torm; Reed, Halfling Avenger of Selune; Maximillian, Half-Elf Druid-Ardent; -Content Not Found: QuanquantenabreQuamquamtenabre, Shifter Assassin-; Content Not Found: philMordagar, Dragonborn Figher


Soklemon, NPC Tiefling Warlord (stated as PC)

The Group currently strisves to end the biggest threat the Giants and their allies have ever posed to the natuaral world. Their base of operations is the City of Argent. They are level 15, and recently deafeated several Shade Underworld figures and Ohr, the aspiring Orc King of the Moonsea.

p.After losing one piece of the Divine Engine to an Incursion by Tarvas, Obanar began to give the PC options and missions to stop the Giants from freeing Piranoth with the Divine Engine. He also mentioned that [[]], and Exarch of Moradin (who built the Divine Engine) is missing, presumed captured by the Giants.

Home Page

The Elelmental Threat Soklemon